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Some gotchas around keepalived and iproute2 (part 1)

I should have written this blog post a while ago, while these things were still fresh on my mind. Still, better late than never.

Scenario: 2 bare-metal servers with 6 network ports each, to serve as our HAProxy load balancers in an active/failover configuration based on keepalived (I described how we integrated this with Chef in my previous post).

The architecture we have for the load balancers is as follows

1 network interface (virtual and bonded, see below) is on a 'front-end' VLAN which gets the incoming traffic hitting HAProxy1 network interface is on a 'back-end' VLAN where the actual servers behind HAProxy live1 network interface is on an 'ops' VLAN which we want to use for accessing the HAProxy server for monitoring purposes
We (and by the way, when I say we, I mean mostly my colleagues Jeff Roberts and Zmer Andranigian) used Open vSwitch to create a virtual bridge interface and bond 2 physical interfaces on this bridge for each of the 'front-end'…