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Monitoring doesn't have to suck

This is a follow up to my previous post, where I detailed some of the things I want in a modern monitoring tool. A month has passed, and I thought I'd give a quick overview of some tools we started to use as part of our monitoring and graphing strategy.

Several people recommended Sensu, so my colleague Jeff Roberts has given it a shot, and he liked what he saw (blog post with more technical details hopefully soon from Jeff!). We're still tinkering with it, but we're already using it to monitor our Linux-based machines (both Ubuntu and CentOS). Jeff is working on our Chef infrastructure, and soon we'll be able to deploy the Sensu client via Chef. What's nice about Sensu, and different from other tools, is the queueing mechanism it uses for client-server communication, and for posting events such as 'send this metric to Graphite' or 'send this alert to Pager Duty' or 'send this notification to this email address'. It does have a few rough edge…