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2012 Year in Review: devops blog posts and articles

15 things I learned from "Shipping Greatness"

I finished reading "Shipping Greatness" by Chris Vander Mey (ex-Googler, ex-Amazonian). It's a great book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning how to ship software as close to schedule as possible, with as few bugs as possible, which is really the best we can hope for in this industry. Here are some things I jotted down while reading the book. You should really read the whole book, if only for the 'in-the-trenches' vignettes from Google and Amazon.

1. When tackling a new product, always start with the needs/problems of your customers (of course Jeff Bezos is famous for this approach at Amazon).

2. Have a mission statement that inspires and that also fits on a t-shirt if possible (for example the mission statement of the personalization team at Amazon is "increase customer delight").

3. Define your product by writing a press release (Amazon does it; it forces you to be succinct and to capture the essence of your product).