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New location for the Python Testing Tools Taxonomy

I was taken by surprise by Baiju Muthukadan's announcement which I read on Planet Python -- the Python Testing Tools Taxonomy page which I started years ago has a new incarnation on the Python wiki. I think it's a good thing (although I still wish I had been notified as a courtesy). In any case, feel free to add more tools to the page!

Anybody using lxc or OpenVZ in production?

I asked a similar question yesterday on Twitter ("Anybody using Linux Containers (lxc) in production, preferably with Ubuntu?") and it seemed to have struck a chord, because many people asked me to post the answers to this question, and many other people answered the question.

Both Linux Containers (or lxc as the project is known) and OpenVZ are lightweight virtualization systems that operate at the file system level, and as such can be attractive to people who are looking to split a big physical server into containers, while achieving resource isolation per container. I personally want to look into both primarily as a means to run several MySQL instances per physical server while ensuring better resource isolation , especially in regards to RAM.
In any case, I thought it would be interesting to post the replies I got on Twitter to my question.
From AlTobey:
"I'm using straight cgroups without namespaces in production. It's pretty nice for fine-grained scheduler…