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Load balancing and SSL in EC2

Here is another post I wrote for this year's Sysadvent blog. It briefly mentions some ways you can do load balancing in EC2, and focuses on how to upload SSL certificates to an Elastic Load Balancer using command-line tools. Any comments appreciated!

Analyzing logs with Pig and Elastic MapReduce

This is a blog post I wrote for this year's Sysadvent series. If you're not familiar with the Sysadvent blog, you should be, if you are at all interested in system administration/devops topics. It is maintained by the indefatigable Jordan Sissel, and it contains posts contributed by various authors, 25 posts per year, from Dec 1st through Dec 25th. The posts cover a variety of topics, and to give you a taste, here are the articles so far this year:

Day 1: "Don't bash your process outputs" by Phil Hollenback
Day 2: "Strategies for Java deployment" by Kris Buytaert
Day 3: "Share skills and permissions with code" by Jordan Sissel
Day 4: "A guide to packaging systems" by Jordan Sissel
Day 5: "Tracking requests with Request Tracker" by Christopher Webber
Day 6: "Always be hacking" by John Vincent
Day 7: "Change and proximity of communication" by Aaron Nichols
Day 8: "Running services with systemd" b…

Crowd Mood - an indicator of health for products/projects

I thought I just coined a new term -- Crowd Mood -- but a quick Google search revealed a 2009 paper on "Crowd Behavior at Mass Gatherings: A Literature Review" (PDF) which says:

In the mass-gathering literature, the use of terms “crowd behavior”, “crowd type”, “crowd management”, and “crowd mood” are used in variable contexts. More practically, the term “crowd mood” has become an accepted measure of probable crowd behavior outcomes. This is particularly true in the context of crowds during protests/riots, where attempts have been made to identify factors that lead to a change of mood that may underpin more violent behavior.

Instead of protests and riots, the crowd behavior I'm referring to is the reaction of users of software products or projects. I think the overall Crowd Mood of these users is a good indicator of the health of those products/projects. I may state the obvious here, and maybe it's been done already, but I'm not aware of large-scale studies that tr…