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MySQL load balancing with HAProxy

In an earlier blog post I was advising people to use HAProxy 1.4 and above if they need MySQL load balancing with health checks. It turns out that I didn't have much luck with that solution either. HAProxy shines when it load balances HTTP traffic, and its health checks are really meant to be run over HTTP and not plain TCP. So the solution I found was to have a small HTTP Web service (which I wrote using tornado) listening on a configurable port on each  MySQL node.

For the health check, the Web service connects via MySQLdb to the MySQL instance running on a given port and issues a 'show databases' command. For more in-depth checking you can obviously run fancier SQL statements.

The code for my small tornado server is here. The default port it listens on is 31337.

Now on the HAProxy side I have a "listen" section for each collection of MySQL nodes that I want to load balance. Example:
listen mysql-m0 mode tcp option httpchk GET /mysqlchk/?port=3…

Introducing project "Overmind"

Overmind is the brainchild of Miquel Torres. In its current version, released today, Overmind is what is sometimes called a 'controller fabric' for managing cloud instances, based on libcloud. However, Miquel's Roadmap for the project is very ambitious, and includes things like automated configuration management and monitoring for the instances launched and managed via Overmind.

A little bit of history: Miquel contacted me via email in late July because he read my blog post on "Automated deployment systems: push vs. pull" and he was interested in collaborating on a queue-based deployment/config management system. The first step in such a system is to actually deploy the instances you need configured. Hence the need for something like Overmind.

I'm sure you're asking yourself -- why do these guys wanted to roll their own system? Why not use something like OpenStack? Note in late July OpenStack had only just been announced, and to this day (mid-October 2010…