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What programming language are *you*?

Not sure what this really says about me, but I am PHP according to the survey below...(which I stumbled upon via Brian Marick's blog)

Which Programming Language are You?

PyCon07 Testing Tools Tutorial slides up

Spurred by a request from David Brochu, I put the PyCon 07 Testing Tools Tutorial slides up on Titus's slides are named titus-tutorial-a.pdf through -e.pdf. My slides are only one PDF file, as my portion of the tutorial consisted mainly in Selenium and FitNesse demos. Enjoy!

Mounting local file systems using the 'bind' mount type

Sometimes paths are hardcoded in applications -- let's say you have the path to the Apache DocumentRoot directory hardcoded inside a web application to /home/apache/ You can't change the code of the web app, but you want to migrate it. You don't want to use the same path on the new server, for reasons of standardization across servers. Let's say you want to set DocumentRoot to /var/www/ But /home is NFS-mounted, so that all users can have their home directory kept in one place. One not-so-optimal solution would be to create an apache directory under /home on the NFS server. At that point, you can create a symlink to /var/www/ inside /home/apache. This is suboptimal because the production servers will come to depend on the NFS-mounted directory. You would like to keep things related to your web application local to each server running that application.
A better solution (suggested by my colleague Chris) is to mount a local dire…