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Notepad++ rocks

I heard about Notepad++ from Michael Carter, who showcased SQLAlchemy at our last SoCal Piggies meeting and used Notepad++ to edit his Python files. I downloaded it this week and all I can say is that it rocks! For Windows users, it's one of the best editors I've ever seen, and of course it's completely free. Notepad++ is based on the Scintilla editor, and it does syntax coloring for a gazillion languages (Python included of course), it includes a huge number of plugins, such as a Hex Editor, etc., etc. Highly recommended!

Buildbot used for continuous integration in the Gnome project

José Dapena Paz has a nice write-up on how the Gnome Build Brigade is using buildbot for continuous integration of all the projects under the Gnome umbrella. Buildbot scores again!

Any projects that need Pybots buildslaves?

Know of any projects that need Pybots buildslaves?

This is a question that's been asked twice already on the Pybots mailing list, or in emails addressed directly to me. Every time I answered that I don't really know any, and I advised the people asking the question to go through the list of their favorite Python projects, and pick some that they'd like to test. Or go through the list of major Web frameworks and pick some.

Anyway -- maybe a better way is to ask all the readers of this blog: do you have a project that you'd like to test in the Pybots buildbot farm, but maybe you don't have the hardware to run the buildslave on? Then let me know, or even better, let the Pybots mailing list know. There are people such as Jeff McNiel and Skip Montanaro who have hardware and resources, and are looking for projects to test.

BTW, the Pybots farm now has 6 buildslaves (the 6th was courtesy of Elliot Murphy, who contributed an AMD-64 Ubuntu Dapper box running the MySQLdb tests)…

Titus has a new blog

If you've been reading Titus's advogato blog, you'll be interested in knowing that he has a new blog: "Daily Life in an Ivory Basement". Will Guaraldi will be happy to know the blog is based on pyblosxom.

Pybots project keeps rolling

Some updates on the Pybots project:
Mike Taylor aka Bear from OSAF contributed 2 buildslaves: an Ubuntu Dapper box for testing his parsedatetime package, and an Intel Mac OSX box for testing two libraries used by OSAF -- vobject and zanshinManuzhai contributed a Gentoo box for testing pysqlite and TracElliot Murphy from will contribute an AMD-64 Ubuntu Dapper box for testing MySQLdbIn summary, we're up to 5 (soon to be 6) buildslaves, with more on the way
Seo Sanghyeon created a Google Code project for pybots; he and I are the current admins for this project; you can browse the Subversion repository for various scripts and buildbot config. filesAs a cool side note, Sanghyeon rewrote the home page for in reST; the page is kept in subversion and the server hosting is doing a svn update every hour, followed by a rest2html callAs I said in a previous post, the Pybots setup already proved its usefulness by uncovering issues with new keywords such as 'w…

Pay attention to the new 'with' and 'as' keywords

As of Sept. 6th (revision 51767), Python 2.6 has two new keywords: with and as. Python code that uses either one of these words as a variable name will be in trouble. How do I know that? Because the Twisted unit tests have been failing in the Twisted Pybots buildslave ever since. Actually the issue is not with Twisted code, but with zope.interface, which is one of the Twisted pre-requisites. Here's the offending code:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/tmp/Twisted/bin/trial", line 23, in
from twisted.scripts.trial import run
File "/tmp/Twisted/twisted/scripts/", line 10, in
from twisted.application import app
File "/tmp/Twisted/twisted/application/", line 10, in
from twisted.application import service
File "/tmp/Twisted/twisted/application/", line 20, in
from twisted.python import components
File "/tmp/Twisted/twisted/python/", line 37, in
from zope.interface.adapter import AdapterRegistry
File …

Pybots update

I'm happy to report that the Pybots project got its first user other than yours truly. Seo Sanghyeon set up a buildslave running on Debian Unstable which is running the docutils unit tests every time a checkin is made into Python trunk or in the 2.5-maint branch.

Marc-Andre Lemburg also offered to run a buildslave for the egenix-mx-base tests, while Manuzhai offered to run a buildslave for the Trac tests. Skip Montanaro also expressed interest in running a buildslave, but he hasn't decided on a project yet.

You can see the current pybots buildslaves here. Expect to see more active buildslaves in the next few days.

Marc-Andre suggested I write a Pybots FAQ and put some info on the Python wiki, so here they are:
Pybots page on Python wikiPybots FAQ on Python wiki